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Project Greer Street was created by Ronald and Yvette Sally. The
name of the program originates from the street where Mr. Sally lived
during his childhood on the notorious northside of St. Louis, Missouri.

Mr. Sally directs and manages all aspects of the program. A graduate
of Duke University (Dean’s List/Rhodes Scholarship
Candidate/Quarterback and Captain of the football team) and UCLA
School of Law (Moot Court Honors Program), Mr. Sally is an African
American business executive with more than 20 years of business
success in Tampa (FL), Los Angeles (CA), Santa Monica (CA), and
Denver (CO) including executive and leadership roles with Haight,
Brown and Bonesteel, Reed Smith, Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado
Avalanche (NHL), Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, Colorado Crush
(AFL), ICON Venue Group, JLL, and CAA ICON. Mr. Sally has also
been a featured speaker for Teach for America and Questbridge
Scholarships. Yvette Sally, Chief Visionary Officer for Project Greer
Street, is a proud graduate of Duke University.

In recognition of the success of Project Greer Street, the Sallys have
been awarded the prestigious Beyond Duke University Alumni
Service and Leadership Award, ABC Television “Everyday Hero”
Award, and Urban Spectrum AAWMAD Award.

Project Greer Street is a transformational academic enrichment
program that utilizes a bold new approach and framework to promote
high achievement among African American high school males by
cultivating an academic ecosystem and eliminating roadblocks to
their success. We embrace scholastic excellence, extracurricular
involvement, character development, leadership, perseverance, and
personal growth. We teach the skills and tactics necessary for
success in the areas of academic achievement, college preparation,
life skills training, and employment.

As a pipeline initiative, Project Greer Street prepares students to
become highly qualified college candidates who will be admitted to
elite colleges and universities. We serve as role models and provide
the students with the knowledge and resources to create a foundation
for achievement to access the on-ramp for life success.

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