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Our Program

Project Greer Street, an award-winning program, has a profound and comprehensive impact on its participating students by utilizing a unique curriculum for each year of high school that provides a special pathway to create options for success.  


It is a one-of-a-kind proven transformational academic enrichment program that utilizes a bold new approach and framework to promote high achievement among African American high school males by  cultivating an academic and educational ecosystem and eliminating roadblocks to their success. The high-touch, four-year pipeline program ​starts during the first month of high school with the selected cohort of 

students and concludes once each student makes a final college decision. 



The program features a series of bi-weekly in-person classroom sessions conducted during the four-year period. The areas of focus and instruction are:

  • Creation of an Ecosystem for Academic Success 

  • Educational Competitiveness 

  • Leadership 

  • Self-Esteem 

  • Individual Accountability and Responsibility 

  • Personal Maturity

  • Written and Oral Communication 

  • Ambition and Work Ethic 

  • Professional Advancement 

  • Perseverance and Resiliency 

  • College Preparation 

  • Employment and Internships 

  • Contemporary Challenges and Obstacles



  • Bi-weekly in-person classroom sessions 

  • Engaging and thought-provoking Socratic methodology with a focus on critical thinking, proactive problem solving, and the keys and tactics for academic and professional success 

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  • Academic guidance and counsel 

  • Intensive writing instruction 

  • Oral presentation/public speaking development 

  • Personal/professional development 

  • Facilitation of academic tutoring 

  • Development of interviewing skills 

  • Extracurricular activities 

  • Consistent student/parent meetings 

  • Standardized test preparation 

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  • Comprehensive consultative services for college application process 

  • Comprehensive consultative services for college scholarships 

  • Review and analysis of college financial aid offers. 

  • College visits and final evaluation

  • Consultative services for college considerations and finalattendance decision 

Project Greer Street - Jabari Holland at Under Armour (Summer 2015).jpg


  • Guest speakers 

  • Business field trips 

  • Cultural experience activities 

  • College Visits 



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