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The Board of Wisdom

Project Greer Street - Joby Branion Board of Wisdom Photo.jpg

Joby Branion
CEO, Vanguard Sports Group 

"I have known Ron Sally for over 40 years since we were college roommates. He has always been keenly aware of key opportunities and resources and the barriers that sometimes hide them from plain sight. It was no surprise to me that he eventually founded and cultivated a program as wildly successful as Project Greer Street (PGS). Having spent several years in college admissions, I unequivocally vouch for the effectiveness of (and ongoing need for) Project Greer Street. PGS intersects in the lives of the African American students at one of the most critical periods of their young development – often creating an inflection point that is otherwise invisible to the students and effectively empowering them with the ability to take control of the trajectory of their lives – before it is too late.


Helping young African American men recognize the expanse of the world of opportunities that exists outside of their narrow daily life experiences is vital to ensuring that these students set ambitious goals for themselves without artificial limitations or paralyzing fear of failure. I have witnessed the results of PGS and they are nothing short of astounding. Exposing impressionable young men to a combination of unseen opportunities and pathways to access them while also providing real life examples of successful people who “look like them” has been proven to actualize a level of achievement unimaginable to the students before joining PGS. It is often said that success is where preparation meets opportunity; PGS is helping young, African American male students prepare in a unique comprehensive manner for opportunities that they cannot imagine exist. PGS is changing lives for one generation that can then change the lives of those who follow…..this is powerful and impactful."

Cara Sterling - Photo.jpg

Cara Sterling
Shareholder, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

"After meeting him almost 10 years ago, I have been amazed to watch Ron and his team quietly make history in our community by single-handedly changing the trajectory of the lives of hundreds of young African American men attending East High School. His first class of students earned several college admissions and scholarships upon graduation and this has been the rule for each group of seniors that have followed. The curriculum for the Project Greer Street program speaks for itself, yet there is an x-factor in the quantity and quality of time devoted to these students. Ron has not created change by merely pointing these young men to the right path. He stands by them throughout their journey. His mentorship allows them to develop their confidence and skills to find their own path to success and, most importantly, to know they are worthy of it."

Troy Ewing Photo-PGS Board of Wisdom.jpg

Troy Ewing
Harvard University (ALB, Humanities), Kellogg College, University of Oxford (MSt., in progress)

"The challenges facing young African American males today have been well-publicized. As someone born into and raised in a “marginal background,”' I have been both proud and amazed by the achievements of Ron Sally and Project Greer Street (PGS). What started ten years ago as a labor of love has evolved into more than just a college preparation program. While the phenomenal academic achievements of its members speak for themselves, I find equally impressive the overall character development of its members (a population of young men seeking guidance and direction). PGS's evidence-based methodology combines rigorous academic preparation within a holistic approach to the individual that produces highly confident young men prepared to enter a competitive world of wonder and opportunity. Project Greer Street should be replicated in all communities of color, looking for answers to reach, motivate, and teach our future citizens and potential difference makers."

Cecil Cox Photo - PGS Board of Wisdom.jpg

Cecil Cox

Founder & President, C4 Global Media

"The Project Greer Street (PGS) program outcomes speak for themselves with the 100% college acceptance rate, number and quality of college admissions, and multi-million-dollar total of scholarships and grants earned by the students. While there are several keys to the program’s success during the past decade, the singular consistent and unrelenting influence that has been present throughout is the leadership of Ron Sally. He cares deeply about each student and has fostered the high standards of academic rigor, life competitiveness, work ethic, and morally conscious leadership that is required to be successful in our word. As a member of the Board of Wisdom, I am excited about helping Ron and the PGS program scale their impact and continue to help our communities build tomorrow’s leaders, and a healthier more equitable society."

Project Greer Street - James Smith Photo.jpg

James D. Smith

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Ecolab, USA

The underground railroad has a modern-day depot in Denver, Colorado. There, at a station maintained and operated by Ron Sally and his wife – Project Greer Street, young African American men board a special train to travel in all directions throughout America and beyond, to where they find the freedom of academic and professional success.  But first, readying them for the journey, the Sally couple drives the liberation of these boys from not knowing what success requires in a world predisposed and, in fact, purposely biased toward their failure.  It takes courage to travel to prestigious colleges and internships, and elite job postings -- gigs about which one had no awareness at any point earlier in one’s life.  We salute the travelers.  And, more so, we marvel at the station managers.  It takes phenomenal insight, commitment, and caring to sit at the railroad station, searching out and pulling in uncertain non-passengers, packing their mental life bags with all the necessaries, and then holding one’s breath as then these newly-motivated passengers go forth into and through the woods of greater challenges, and across the river to their new, improved lives.

Leonard Satterwhite Photo - Board of Wisdom.JPG

Leonard Satterwhite
Senior Associate Dean of Admissions, Washington and Lee University

Formerly Admissions Officer at: Vanderbilt, Davidson College, Amherst College, Colorado College

Project Greer Street (PGS) is changing the trajectory for young Black males at East High School. Ron Sally believes in excellence and mentorship. I first met Ron with my work as Senior Associate Dean in the Admission Office at Duke University. As a first-generation college student growing up I the rural South in
the 60’s, programs like PGS are so important to identify nurture Black males.
During my visits with the young men in PGS, it was such a joy to see the interactions of these young men with Ron during the various programming. The wholistic approach of PGS which includes the family committing to goals of the program, summer enrichment opportunities, scholarship and financial aid counseling. PGS students are exposed to wide range of college options and I was fortunate to matriculate one their top students to Duke. I have been involved in higher education since 1973. Ron Sally continues to inspire me to make a difference in the lives of underserved students.

Additional Board Members​

Matthew M. Johnson, Partner, Johnson, Shapiro, Slewett & Kole

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